One Cold Night

th (23)AW, winter is here. I know this to be true not because of snow or the from what the weatherman said. I know that it is winter bruise my furnace kicked on, well at least it try to come one the other night.

This is what happen. I was laying down in my bed awaiting for sleep to take over. I am one of those people that do not go to sleep as soon as their head hit the pillow.  Although I would love to be one of those automatically sleeping people,  I am not.  Normally it takes me no more than an hour to fall asleep.  That is if there is not any interruptions.

Anyway, I was just about to be one hundred asleep and off to sleepy land when I hears this crashing sound. Not knowing what it is I grabbed a metal bat that I keep near my bad and creep downstairs. Then I heard it again, and again. On this last time, I realize it was coming from downstairs. In the basement. I turned on the light to go downstairs and made my way on down.

As I finally made it in the basement, I hear the sound again this time it was louder and accompany with a grinding sound. I could also smell gas. This had me really concern. Here I am turning on the lights down stairs, after my eyes adjusted to the brightness I noticed that my heating system was like shaking. In addition, it smelled strongly like gas.   I did the only thing I could think of at that time, I turned it off. True, it was a cold night but I will just have to bear it until I could get someone out here to check it out for me and see what is wrong with it. Until then I will have to bundle up and plug in these old electric heaters.

I was able to have someone come out first thing in the morning. In addition, the man was friendly too, what I loved best about his service is that he explained to me everything that he was doing and what he discovered. What the problems is and what he is going to have to do to fix it. Luckily, I called as soon as I noticed something; the technician said that if I had waited too much longer I would have had to replace the entire system. As it may he will only have to order the part and put it on for me. For a reasonable price too. Boy was I happy.

What is even better is that it is no longer cold. For whatever reason we are having a wacky winter. One moment it is freezing and there is six inches of snow and the next day the sun is shining. It is warm, at least for this time of year, and snow is melting. By the time night falls, it is as if it had never snowed.

That nice technician came back four days later with the part in hand. He was able to replace it and he gave my heating system a tune up, free of charge. He told me I needed to replace my filter as soon as possible. Then he left on his way.

Have We Gone Too Far?

th59BITS8SLiving in the twenty first century rather you like technology or not it is a part of your life. You must have some type of working knowledge of it you will be lost and unable to do every day basic functions. This is true no matter what type of life you may live, with the expectation of maybe a hermit or someone like that. It does not matter if you are going to the ATM, driving your car, or watching television. Without even trying, you have been affected and inducted into the digital age. That it there is no turning back; you are in it for the long haul. Try to opt of our technology dependent lifestyles. I bet you cannot.

Have you ever heard anything and even though you understood the reason, why you still are like huh? Really, there are no other options?

Unless you have been living under a rock or something you more than likely know that the world is facing an inevitable food shortage. With our growth and more, importantly our current rate of consumption there is no way this planet will be able to sustain our habits too much longer. There is a reason that most of our produced are Genetically Modified Organisms. Governments and those that know how are trying to generate food and increase their abundancy in order to keep up the demand. (In actuality, this problem has directly related to the advent of the grocery store.) This apparently will in no means slow down or become but the opposite.

As I said, we all have heard of GMO fruits and vegetables. How many of us have consider GMO meats? Alternatively, more specifically manufactured meats. I do not mean those meats and poultry where they have injected with antibiotics and hormones. Yes, that too is sucky and concerning to the consumer as well as those subjecting these animals to these foreign substances. Here I want to focus on meat created by man in a factory.   Would you eat it? On the other hand, will you forego meat and just eat vegetables and fruits?

Genetic biology has really been taking off, from clone sheep to a cat, salmon, more amazing a dog. The dog is so well genetically recreated that he has fathered a litters of his own. Just recently, scientists have been successful in cloning a cow. This is a big deal because now it would seem that they would be able to create their own cattle from a few other cows. No longer needing to wait for nature to take its course.

Of Course, there are a few countries that are little resistance to this idea of manufacturing meat, but I do not think it will be for long. For one there is a lot of money in being able to clone food that people will want and need. Two the demand will eventually be too great for it, if you are to believe the scientist of today. In addition, three it will be a lot more affordable then how we currently get beef.

That leads to the questions as to what is next. Or rather, how quickly will they start offering to clone people? Naturally for those who can afford it. It is one slippery slope one that I wish to have no part of. No matter how fascinating it may seem to me and to others.

Know your City Laws

thLQW29WESLast week I was out mowing the yard. Here I am putting around the yard. When I look across the street and I noticed a city worker had made his away to my neighbor’s front door. I watched as rang the doorbell and watch as he spoke to my neighbor for about five minutes then left. My neighbor looked crestfallen after that man left his porch.

Before he could make his way into the house, I called across the street to make sure that everything was ok. He explained to me that he had just received a citation for not trimming his trees at the front of the house. That a few people had to complain about their visibility when driving. He was a little surprise because for years he thought that it was the city’s responsibility and not the homeowner. So imagine his surprise when a city official stop by to hand home a warning and a deadline to have it completed.

That had me considering my own trees. I noticed that a few of my trees were hanging a little too low for my liking. Not only do I need my trees trimmed but I could also use a bit of tree pruning as well. I rather pay to have someone do that then to pay the city anything more than my taxes, if you know what I am saying?

After consulting with a few tree service business I have finally settle with one. One that knows the rules and expectation of the city. They should be out here within the next few days.

I think I will also have them check out the trees in the back yard as well, they ae very close to the lines and transformers. After learning that the city does not trim or prune, those trees near the street I am sure the utility workers do not trim those limbs near the power lines. I may have to research it before they get here in a few days.

Turns out that I was right the gas and electric company no longer provide that service. Unless it is a storm or something otherwise it something that the landowner will have to take care of themselves. Nevertheless, they were more than happy to recommend a few companies that I could use other than that they was nothing they could do.   Looks like they will be trimming the trees in the back as well. Just not it out of the way in one hit.

I hate to say this but I am a little happy that my neighbor received that citation. Not that I am happy that he may have to pay a huge fine if he doesn’t take care of those limbs near the street. Now I know that it is up to me to clear away limbs and branches that obscure the vision of motorist, create a dangerous situation for those people using the sidewalk, or interfere with power lines or transformers. Who knew, right?

Winter is on My Heels or So it Would Seem

thEV25DHOKOh my goodness, I cannot believe its November already. It seems as if this year has been flew on past. Wow. I can hardly believe that in just a few short weeks it will be December! It seems just like yesterday I was celebrating the New Year with my friends and family.

The ending of the year means the beginning of winter. Which gives way to extreme cold, snow, and ice. At least that how it has been the last few years. Each year I make a list of things to do in order to winterize my home. Each year I get about one or two things done then I am cursing myself until spring. One because I can feel all those danggone drafts I never sealed. In addition, two, my heating bill is through the roof. In addition, three, I just do not like winter all that much.

However, this year it going to be different.   I am going to be on the ball, no slacking for this homeowner. In fact, tomorrow I will give Suffolk Heating and Air Conditioning, of a call and schedule to have a technician come out and served my furnace. My mother just had her done and she said it was money well spent. She gushed about how well they cleaned her furnace, then changed its filter, and check for any carbon monoxide leaks from it. They even installed her digital thermostat for her. According to her the effects was felt immediately.

After that, I will borrow my brother’s pressure washer and spray all those leaves and gunk out of the gutters.   As well, as call someone to replace the insulation in my attic. I was watching television and they sprayed some foamy stuff in a person’s attic sealing it right up. That is what I want in my attic the foamy stuff. Oh, I forgot I also need to waterproof my basement.   I am so dumb I was just in the home improvement store; amazed watching this person sealed a faux basement wall with this sealant, and then spray it with a little hose. Nothing got through! I should have bought a few gallons then. Oh well I guess I will have to go back today.

Which is great because I still have seal all doors and windows. Therefore, I will have to buy some tubes of caulk and weather stripping as well.

I think that is I all I need to do for the house itself. After I have completed these little odds and ends, I can focus the household needs. You know, stocking up on non-perishable food items, bottles of water, toilet paper, cleaning products. Whatever I need and use. Some people may think that this is excessive.   Nevertheless, there have been many a winter that I have been snowed in and unable to make a run to the store. On the other hand, the roads are so icy that officials have restricted people from driving. Yes, it gets that bad.

Every year when I am doing this type of winter preparation I also question myself as to why do, I stay somewhere that makes its necessary for me to have to do all of this. It is not as if I enjoy it, why not move. In addition, every year I do not have an answer, so I stay and I prepare. As they say, it could always be worst, right.

Car buying tips

th84DJNAJAI cannot believe my car is not starting again. This is the third time this week that this piece of junk will not start. Now I have to call my job and let them know I will be late. I hate this car. My mind has been made up today I get myself a new car.

Buying a new car is a big expense for anyone budgets. Think of it as an investment in your life. NO matter if you plan in paying in cash, acquiring a loan, or leasing a car you should be prepared. Therefore, when shopping for a new car there are a few things that every consumer should know and are themselves with in order to make their shopping experience, calm, easy and rewarding. It does not matter if you plan to buy a brand new car or a previously owned vehicle, these following tidbits can be applied across the board.

Always do your research

When deciding to purchase a new car always do your research. There are many websites that will discuss the price point of the car you are wishing to purchase. On the other hand, what cars that should be in your budget. This is also a good time to look up if there are any recalls or problems people have been experiencing with the vehicle.

Even if you are unsure, about what kind of vehicle you want this is still a vital step. After browsing some car lots and online ads then whatever car you feel like you are more inclined to, do the simplest thing ever. Google it. Write down the VIN number, make and model, and the year of the car if you are unable to get the VIN number. Use this information to find out the car’s history and any consumer complaints about it.

Take your time

This being such a huge purchase do not rush into buying a car. Hold out until you are completely satisfied. If you go to a car lot and they try to pressure you into buying a car, right then and now, LEAVE! Trust me there is always another place. If you have a bad feeling about their salesmanship then leave. Why rush? Get a good deal with a reputable person or lot.

Always have it check out by your own mechanic

Unless you are buying the car from your dad or grandpa do not trust, what the seller tells you. Not everyone believes that honesty is the best policy. Know this when setting out on your car buying adventure. Have an experienced mechanic whom you trust check out any vehicle you are seriously considering to buy. If he finds anything, wrong then request that that particular issue be fixed and resolved. Alternatively, you can use this as a bargaining chip when discussing the sale price.

Have fun

You are buying a new car that is exciting so have fun. Test-drive some cars you cannot afford just because you can. Take in the free popcorn and soda many dealership hands out. Enjoy the process!

These are just a few tips that have always made buying a new vehicle easy and enjoyable for me. The next time you are in need of a new whip then follow these simple tips and you can enjoy it too.